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Author:  StroniXs [ Mon Dec 19, 2011 7:55 pm ]
Post subject:  2d_interpolation

Hi, first of all sorry for bad English.. Recently I've face with problem to interpolate the 2 dimensional data, but they are in the different recording than they need for spline2dbuildbicubic() and spline2dbuildbilinear() methods.

For example, I know the spline absciss array[0..N-1] (temperature ADC values) and function value array[0..M-1,0..N-1] (a dependence the ADC pressure values from the temperature). The spline ordinates array[0..M-1] (just the physical values of pressure) is a required for. I can get the spline interpolant by spline2dbuildbicubic(), but then how can I calculate the ordinate value?

Are there more methods to solve this problems?

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