Problem with compiling under qt4.7 in ubuntu
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Author:  zhaoxi1 [ Thu Jul 21, 2011 4:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Problem with compiling under qt4.7 in ubuntu

Hi, there,

I am beginner of alglib. I am about to use optimization package.

I copied alglibmisc.h alglibinternal.h ap.h linalg.h optimization.h solvers.h into my include folder, and alglibmisc.cpp alglibinternal.cpp ap.cpp linalg.cpp optimization.cpp solvers.cpp into my src.

THen I include optimization.h in my orginal cpp project file.

when I compile, it gives me _mincgstate_owner does not name a type, alglib_impl does not name atype, _mincgreprot_owner does not name a type ???

I found stdafx.h downloaded from the alglib is an ampty file, after tried both with this empty file and comment out this file in all header file, I get the same compiling error.

Please help me,

THank you

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