FFT multithreading
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Author:  alexeyp [ Thu May 30, 2019 1:27 am ]
Post subject:  FFT multithreading


I'm new to AlgLib and trying to work with trial version. My biggest problem is to perform FFT as fast as I can. I've tried open source version, first. Then tried trial commercial version. To my surprise, I've got zero performance gain with commercial version.

Here are my conditions:
1) Visual Studio C++ on Windows 64bit, /D "AE_MKL" /D "AE_OS=AE_WINDOWS" /D "AE_CPU=AE_INTEL", linked with 64bit MKL lib, and DLL is in the PATH.
2) Called alglib::setglobalthreading(alglib::parallel);

With demo.exe example, the performance is 60Gflops, and with alglib::serial it's 21Gflops.

So, the question is - can commercial version execute fftc1d() faster than open source version?

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