F# wrapper: does someone has already provvide one?
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Author:  Ganfoss [ Mon Jun 19, 2017 8:46 pm ]
Post subject:  F# wrapper: does someone has already provvide one?

Dear all,

I' new on this Forum. I have tried to look for any F# wrapper trough the SEARCH function of this discussion group about ALGLIB, but I was unseccessfull! :(

Does someone has already issued a "provvider" to allow the use of ALGLIB inside a F# ambient (i.e. to be used in a routine to be compiled or to be interpreted with teh F# interpreter)?

If not necessary a wrapper, may I simply "references" the ALGLIB.dll inside a VSTUDIO PROJECT, open the relative namespace (alglib) inside a F# MODULE and use the functions, classes, .... that INTELLISENSE shows? It is a SAFE PROGRAMMIN PRACTICE (safe run without any risk of software crush)?

Many thanks in advance.



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