help me in FFT explanation
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Author:  oleg123 [ Mon May 09, 2011 10:50 am ]
Post subject:  help me in FFT explanation

I would like to use this LIB in my study. I have i.e. one WAVE file:
- an audio 10 sec
- 1 channel – mono
- 44100 Sample/sec
- 8 bit/sample (1byte).
The length of the audio is 10sec*1 channel *1 byte/sample*44100 sample/sec=4.410.000 byte.

What I want is to get amplitude and a frequency for each sample, update them and write back to the WAVE file. I am going to use the FFT and your method for it xalglib.fftr1d(x, f), where
x - is an array of samples and
f - is an output array.

This output array consists of 2 subsets: real and imagine. How can I use these subsets for getting frequencies and amplitudes?

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